Repair Process

At iNetwork Auto Collision, we follow an eight-step process to ensure your vehicle is repaired to its original condition, without compromising on safety or quality. Here’s a breakdown of our repair process:

-GETTING AN ESTIMATE: To save time and ensure our professionals can address your needs, we recommend scheduling an appointment for your estimate. We will create an initial estimate and once we receive your authorization, we will take a comprehensive look and provide a thorough estimate. If you are leaving your vehicle for repair, we will arrange a rental car for you.

-TOW-INS: If your car is not drivable, we can arrange for a tow and a rental car if needed. We will assess the damage and advise you on next steps if your car is deemed a total loss.

-DISASSEMBLY OF VEHICLE: We remove necessary parts to identify the full extent of the damage, including hidden damage that may affect adjacent parts.

-REPAIRING THE VEHICLE: We make all necessary body and mechanical repairs according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations and protocols, using OEM parts for superior fit and finish. We quality check your vehicle at each phase of repair and keep you updated on the progress.

-PAINTING THE VEHICLE: After all body and mechanical work is completed, we expertly refinish the surface of your vehicle, ensuring the paint looks as good as it did before the accident.

-REASSEMBLY OF VEHICLE: Once all repairs are made, the vehicle is reassembled and checked for proper fit and alignment. If your car has an ADAS system, all affected systems will be re-calibrated for safe and accurate operation.

-QUALITY CONTROL & CLEANING: Your vehicle undergoes a thorough quality check, ensuring proper function, fit, and finish. It is also test driven if necessary and thoroughly cleaned.

-DELIVERY: We will walk you through the repair and make sure you are satisfied with the results. Our goal is to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, and we take pride in our commitment to your satisfaction.

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